• Be available to the community, schedule meetings open to the public at different times, and invite parents to set up appointments to discuss concerns.
  • Work with PTAs and PTSAs to make parents feel welcome and comfortable in school – the first step toward parent involvement.
  • Plan for and encourage parent-teacher communication, show parents and teachers how to use communication tools to build parent-teacher-student teamwork, and make sure available times are scheduled when parents can attend.
  • Be active in the PTA and encourage teachers to become PTA members and to participate, too.
  • Help the PTA keep its primary focus on education rather than fundraising.  The Principal and PTA can work together to solve problems and set goals that will benefit students.
  • Work with the PTA to develop a program for volunteer training, and use parent and community volunteers who can help enrich all areas of the school.
  • Help parents stay informed on current issues in education, refer parents to helpful books, magazine articles, radio or TV programs and suggest materials to include if there is a parent resource center in the school or local library or school counseling office.
  • Recognize PTA volunteers’ efforts and appreciate the contribution of parents.
  • Encourage dialogue with parents that build confidence in the school’s leadership and strengthen family engagement.
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2014 Fall Training and Vendor Fair

















Our 2014 Fall Training and Vendor Fair will be held on

Sept. 27, 2014 Saturday

Location:  Ronald Blocker ELC 445 W. Amelia Street Orlando, Florida 32801

If you would like to register please do so by Clicking Here

Lunch will be provided for a fee.

More information to come or you can contact Valerie at 2ndvp@occpta.org or Mady at info@occpta.org

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Florida PTA Reflection Information




Reflections 2014 Theme:  ” A World Would Be a Better Place If…”

Orange County Deadline:  December 5, 2014 by 4 pm at the ELC

Location to turn in:  445 W. Amelia Street 1st Floor Orlando, FL 32801

Reflections Chair:  Valerie Radcliffe, 2nd Vice President

Email:  reflections@occpta.org

Florida PTA Reflection Guide and Forms CLICK HERE

National PTA Reflections Information  CLICK HERE





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PTA and Principals


The PTA is recognized by Orange County Schools as an Outside School Association.
What is the Mission of the PTA?
1. We support and speak on behalf of children and youth in schools, in the community and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children (Legislative meetings with Orange delegation at home and in Tallahassee, parent representation at School Board meetings, and on District committees as well as networking with other Orange County organizations).
2. We assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise, protect and prepare their children (parent training, newsletters, parenting resources, informational programs on Florida State Standards, child safety, and homework help, etc.).
3. We encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of this state (encourage home-school partnership, recruit volunteers and business partners, provide on-going support and training in parenting, parent involvement, etc.).
4. We enhance children’s education by providing additional funds to augment the education of students (Reflections Arts Program, assistance for needy families, teacher and student incentives), but we do not directly fund education.


What is PTA not allowed to do?
1. We are not allowed to endorse candidates, religious organizations or commercial establishments.
2. We are not allowed to pay for Orange County School Board employee salaries.
3. We may not build buildings with PTA funds.
4. We do not purchase or lease copy machines. We may not enter into any lease or maintenance contract that extends beyond the PTAs fiscal year (July 1st to June 30). A present PTA Board may not commit a future Board to any contractual agreement.
5. We are not allowed to give Principals or any other individual a “discretionary fund.” All finances must be in the budget, approved by the General Membership.

What is a Principal’s responsibility to their PTA?
1. PTA wants every Principal to be a strong PTA advocate, and PTA wants to assist the Principal in any way possible to promote student safety as well as higher student achievement.
2. The Principal is a member of the PTA Board, and has one vote on all issues. The Principal or designee should attend every Board Meeting and General Meeting.
3. Principals may not appoint members to the PTA Board. It is the job of the Nominating Committee and the general membership to nominate and elect officers (Executive Committee). The Executive Committee then appoints committee chairs and determines which chairs will sit on the Executive Board.
4. The Principal should receive a copy of the PTA’s monthly financial report.
5.. The Principal or designee should attend the Insurance Class at the OCCPTA Fall Workshop yearly
6. The Principal may not direct the budget or spending of the PTA (see number two).


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