Orange County Delegation Candidate Forum 2014

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Please  Join us on Monday, October 27th, 2014 at 6 pm at Winter Park HS in the Auditorium.  Everyone is invite.  We at OCCPTA are NOT endorsing any candidate but giving our parents, teachers and first time student votes to have a conversation with people that need our vote.  Please contact Angie Gallo at if you have any question or if you have any questions for the candidates.  Thank you

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Graduation Requirements By Grade

The high school  graduation requirements  information is from the Florida Department of Education.

For Freshman Students entering the school year 2014-2015  Click Here

For Sophomore Students that entered on 2013-2014  Click Here

For Junior Students that entered on 2012-2013  Click Here

For Senior Students that entered on 2011-2012  Click Here

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Florida Department of Education Parent Information

edWe at Orange County Council of PTAs & PTSAs are here to give Parents and Caregivers as much information on what the Florida Department of Education has in store for our students our children.  The information is out there for all parents and caregivers an we at OCCPTA are trying to give you all the access to the information you need to make sure you have an active participation in your child’s progression during their school years.

When you are looking for answers you can always go to the Florida Department of Education

If you are looking for information on school choice or home school, you can go to Florida School Choice

You can always contact Angie at for additional questions or information.



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  • Be available to the community, schedule meetings open to the public at different times, and invite parents to set up appointments to discuss concerns.
  • Work with PTAs and PTSAs to make parents feel welcome and comfortable in school – the first step toward parent involvement.
  • Plan for and encourage parent-teacher communication, show parents and teachers how to use communication tools to build parent-teacher-student teamwork, and make sure available times are scheduled when parents can attend.
  • Be active in the PTA and encourage teachers to become PTA members and to participate, too.
  • Help the PTA keep its primary focus on education rather than fundraising.  The Principal and PTA can work together to solve problems and set goals that will benefit students.
  • Work with the PTA to develop a program for volunteer training, and use parent and community volunteers who can help enrich all areas of the school.
  • Help parents stay informed on current issues in education, refer parents to helpful books, magazine articles, radio or TV programs and suggest materials to include if there is a parent resource center in the school or local library or school counseling office.
  • Recognize PTA volunteers’ efforts and appreciate the contribution of parents.
  • Encourage dialogue with parents that build confidence in the school’s leadership and strengthen family engagement.
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