2014 – 2015 OCCPTA Slate of Officers

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The OCCPTA Nominating Committee, chaired by Melanie Williams, recommends the following

2014-2015 OCCPTA Slate of Officers announced previously to all units via email and social media on March 28, 2014

Position………………         Nominee
President……………..       Madeleine Plumey-Cruz
1st Vice President……..  Angie Gallo
2nd Vice President……..Valerie Radcliffe
3rd Vice President…….. Karen Busch
Treasurer……………..       Libby Lamm
Secretary……………..       Andrea Michalak

The elections will be held at 7:30pm, on April 28, 2014, at the ELC – 445 W. Amelia St, Orlando, FL.

Please note the following process for running from the floor, as outlined in our Standing Rules:

Elections – Nominations from the floor will be handled in the following manner:
• A minimum of 15 days notice will be given prior to date of election meeting.
• Written notification will be sent to the Nominating Committee Chair at nomcomm@occpta.org.
• Written notification must include: name, current local unit affiliation, current PTA position(s) held, and previous PTA position(s) held.
• You must be a member of a local unit PTA/PTSA who is In Good Standings.
• You must already be ADDitions approved.
• You must be present at the April 28th General Membership meeting.

If you wish to run from the floor, please provide written notification as outlined above to: nomcomm@occpta.org.

Notification must be received by 12:00 pm, April 13, 2014. The Nominating Committee Chair will acknowledge receipt of your notification via return email, and subsequent information regarding the process will be provided.



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2014-2015 Executive Committee Nomination Form

Click on Form to Download PDF

Form docIf you need info on the process and bylaws click HERE.

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2013-14 PTA/PTSA Award Forms

Each year, the Orange County Council of PTA recognizes local PTAs/PTSAs that do incredible things for the community’s children, school, advocating for everychild, onevoice.

We’d like to celebrate your local unit’s achievements at our Annual Awards Banquet. Simply click on the links below to access the forms to nominate your unit. Good Luck!

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Community Collaboration

ESE Program

ESE Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

First Year PTA

Newsletter of the Year

Pat on the Back

Principal of the Year

PTA/PTSA of the Year

School Partnership

Outstanding Website of the Year

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Save the Date Parent Advocacy

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