Announcement: OCCPTA Legislative Day March 17, 2015

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We are gearing up again for our OCCPTA Legislative Day in Tallahassee on March 17, 2015.  We as a county being the 4th largest in the State of Florida, 10th in the Country and the recent Broad Prize winners, We as Parents, Teachers and Students need to voice our concerns, ideas for solutions and conversations with our elected officials.  Our elected officials need to start working for their constituents and their concerns with the attack on public education funding, high stakes testing, recess and all other concerns we have.

We will be leaving the the RBELC at 445 W. Amelia Street Orlando, Florida 32801 at 5:30 in the morning and returning the same day by 11:00 pm

You can purchase your tickets online with 2 different options of Early Bird and Regular Price.

If you would like to go and purchase tickets PRIOR to March 9th please click below:


You also have the option of purchasing your ticket after up to March 16 online by clicking below:


You can also join us on the day of the trip and we will then ask you to bring your payment form in a check only.

We will be putting information of all our social media for updates and if you have any questions please email us at

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Legislative Workshop Saturday February 28, 2015

Nova Workshop















We are holding our Legislative Workshop at NOVA South Eastern this Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm.  Come join us as we help guide you through Tallahassee and how we can advocate for our children and their public education.  For more information and registration please click here.  This is open to everyone interested.

If you have additional questions please contact us at and or

Thank you


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2015 Awards Information

AWARDSOCCPTA Annual Awards Time

It is that time of year again!!  Its time for your unit to put in awards to celebrate all accomplishments that your local units have achieved…  It is time for us to celebrate all units of Orange County.  No accomplishment is to small to celebrate…

Every accomplishment is a Beautiful Thing!

This year we are trying something new…  All of our awards will be online for entry as we are trying to go green with as much as we can.  Its is our responsibility to Go Green and this is a great way of doing that.

For the awards this year, the deadline is April 3, 2015 by 5 pm and submissions do not have to be mailed or inter-office mail any more.  Here are the award applications which you will click on to apply:

Your PTA/PTSA unit can also apply for Florida PTA awards by clicking here

Your PTA/PTSA unit can also apply at National PTA for awards and grants by clicking here

If you have any questions or suggestions for the awards please email Adrianna at or leave a message at 407.317.3200 ext 2002192





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2015 Florida PTA Request Changes to Florida Accountability System

We wanted to take this moment to share the information to all our families in Orange County.  Orange County Council PTAs & PTSAs work under direction of National and Florida PTA.  Florida PTA has been working hard in the best interest of the children especially against High Stakes Testing.  We all at OCCPTA understand that this is a very tough issue and there are other groups out there being very vocal with their options but as your County Council, we are asking you to review the information below and understand that we will NOT offer the other options because we need to have concrete facts on how it will affect the child in the end.  We are here to protect the children…

While you have time, we encourage all of you to visit your representatives that are home now prior to session.  Let them know who you are and what your concerns are.

If you need any additional information please contact Marilyn at or




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